Marin Pentathlon Club

Fencing - Fitness Development

Ted Eckersdorff teaches beginners to fence and get in shape at the same time. With 45 minute one on one lessons he teaches the correct techniques of foil and epee fencing. Over time the fencer develops correct “muscle memory” to become a good fencer. Once the fencer attains a certain degree of mastery of the sword with correct footwork, they can then go on to fence other students. All aspects of fencing are taught including the advance, retreat, lunge, fleche, parries, strategy, and mental training for fencing. With this unique personalized approach, Ted has taken students to local and regional competitions, including the Junior Olympics and the U.S. Fencing National Championships. Students have gone on to fence at Yale, UC Berkeley, Stanford, NYU and Colby. You can contact Ted at today, for your first lesson.

“I enjoy introducing people to the exciting sport of fencing”